Outside of character and creating games, I love to do a broad number of hobbies. Here you can find a find. 

When it comes to chilling out, I like to play games, for a long long time been jumping into games and playing them to the end. 

I love story driven games, like Uncharted, Infamous and Metal Gear. Horror and Action are normally my Jam, but I’m not affraid to try other genres. 

Ones I’ve fulfilled my fancy with the story, I like to complete the game to its full apacity. Meaning I like trophy hunting. 

I also like watching speedruns and glitch playthroughs, its really intriguing to see how games are made and how people break them. 


Currerntly I’m playing Elden Ring on PS5! Yeah, its stressful but that’s half the fun no? 


WIP Unreal Project

For a while now, I’ve been wanted to make my own small standalone game made in Unreal. With minor machanics so that I can create a large portion of the game. Also the project is intended for my to learn blueprints and other Unreal related things. 

The project is a horror based project where hoards of enemies attack the complex seen in the screenshots. The idea comes from the movie The Thing, where they are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Ice and 1 or more creatures attack the survivors. 

Seeing that I little knowlage of programming in Unreal, ill going to see how far I can get with just creating, props, levels, blueprints, character, animations and minor audio fragments. 

In the video theres a small video showing how far I currerntly am, the level is created inside of a blueprint so that the levels can be swapped around with other chunks. 

WIP Projects

Every now and then when I have some time to my self I like to sculpt fun and wacky things. Where I try to learn and expand on the skills that I currently know.  Some projects are smalling in scale and I challange myself to create them within a day, other projects take longer depending on the complexity. 

Older Projects

Here are a few projects I worked on before I became employed. Mostly school things but bunch of fun projects with diverse and challenging pipelines.