Some gerneral information about yours truly!

Howdy,  Me, James, Currently working at Team 6 games studios in The Netherlands. I enjoy designing, creating and playing games. Characters all round make me very happy designing, concepting, creating and heck even animating, though with a fairly broad skill set I’m not afraid to dive into different sectors. That said, my passion is creating kick-ass games and actively like helping out other teams where and when I can. I’ve played a boat load of game over the years and from time to time that knowledge can be used a side from character art.


I am English and actively speak it though I’ve been living in the Netherlands for quite some time, so my Dutch is pretty much on the same level.


Even in dark times I try to light up the room, I’m a happy and silly person, a bit shy from time to time. But try to make people happy, but when it’s needed I can be serious (but will probably crack a joke or two)


In my spare time, I like to also play a lot of games, such as: new games, retro games and am interested in the speedrunning community. when I’m not gaming, I like sculpting up some character designs or browse the web looking at inspiring game art.